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Capital Markets

Raising capital through organized markets (stock and bond markets) is becoming more popular due to increasing regulatory demands for banks. For many companies this way is an interesting alternative to raising capital. However, organized markets have specific rules that must be followed. Solid preparation and good timing in issuing and reliable dealings with investors are key elements for a lasting successful financing.
Boehm-Bezing & Cie. advises companies objectively and independently on the question of whether and how the organized Capital market in individual cases for equity and / or borrowing comes into question or how the Capital market ability can be produced.
If the decision for an IPO or a bond issue has been made, we will put it together with the client in a structured process sure that both organizational and structural capital market conformity is reached. These include e.g. corporate law requirements as well as communicative and rating-relevant aspects. All in all, financing via the organized capital market depends on balancing interests between the capital side and the company in an optimal way. As an experienced project and process manager in this sector we take care of this and accompany our customers in all details of the transaction until the listing of shares or the placement of a bond.
Should the organized capital market not turn out to be the first choice for the customer’s achievement of the target, capital market instruments, such as privately placed corporate bonds and debt or equity profit participation certificates may be attractive alternatives.

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