Financial- and ESG reporting

Communication with stakeholders is an essential component in the context of strategic opportunity and risk management. Financing partners in particular rely to a large extent on company information, which they use to manage their balance sheet and their own opportunity and risk profile. In addition, there is the individual ESG profile (environment, social, governance), which is of increasing relevance for customers and suppliers as well as for the strategic financing ability of companies.

Based on a well-founded analysis of the relevant parameters of the business model, Boehm-Bezing & Cie. designs the reporting to financing partners with the aim of optimizing financing costs and the strategic availability of funds. In addition, sustainability aspects are becoming increasingly important and are developing into a competitive factor both along the value chain and on the financing side. Boehm-Bezing & Cie. advises customers on setting up an individual ESG report, from getting started on the topic to collecting relevant data to creating comprehensive sustainability reports.

Corporate Finance